Fluid Motion looks to provide opportunities for performers of all ethnicities.

To be considered for our upcoming productions please send your headshots and resumes to:

Fluid Motion Theater & Film, Inc.

Attn: Casting

109 West 27th Street, Suite 9A

New York, NY 10001

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Jovinna Chan was born in Singapore, and moved to the United States to study International Business.  In her last semester at the University of Georgia, she took her first acting class, Introduction to Acting, and fell in love with it.  She moved to New York to pursue her business career, but could not give up her newfound passion.  After a year of part-time acting classes, she changed course completely, enrolling in a full-time 2-year program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, from which she graduated in 1999.  She was a recipient of the Max Fischer Award, given to students demonstrating the greatest growth as actors.  Since graduation, she has been actively involved in numerous productions of Shakespeare, staged readings of new plays, independent films, and collaborative projects in theater and dance.



Independent Film Producer and Fundraising Consultant,  Ms. Toy has over 13 years of fundraising experience for both non-profit arts organizations/social service agencies and commercial enterprises.  She has produced short narrative films and commercials for clients such as Microsoft, SoftImage and a regional seafood restaurant chain.  In her capacity as fundraising consultant, her client base includes The Nashville Film Festival, the Ohio Independent Film Festival,  Zero Pictures, amongst others.  Ms. Toy seeks to diversify the entertainment industry by creating work that reflects the multi-cultural makeup of America.  She also serves on the boards of Shotgun Productions and Planet Impact.

Established in March 2002, Fluid Motion Theater & Film, Inc., challenges audiences to reconsider the categories with which we have come to identify ourselves. The company commissions and produces new work adapted from classic western and non-western dramatic texts, as well as texts not traditionally associated with the theater (novels, short stories, poetry et al.). Through the reconceptualization of archetypes, Fluid Motion hopes to explore the commonality of human experience shared by disparate cultures, sparking thought and inspiring conversation about the connections that bind us in our personal communities, in our countries, and in our world.

Because strong storytelling is at the very core of our mission, Fluid Motion looks to provide a safe and nurturing environment for writers to develop new work alongside directors and actors. Furthermore, Fluid Motion aims to nurture, support and promote the recognition of traditionally underrepresented minorities, with a preference for women, in theater and film.

Fluid Motion’s premiere event was the staged reading of Sung Rno’s play wAve (an Korean American adaptation of the Medea myth) at The Joseph Papp Public Theater in June 2002, which attracted an audience of more than 230 people.  In the fall of 2002, the company produced its first film, a digital short entitled Tea which relocates the myth of Echo and Narcissus to modern day Manhattan.  Tea made its world premiere at the 26th Annual Asian American International Film Festival in New York City in June 2003 and has gone on to be shown at screenings across the country. Fluid Motion’s first full theatrical season opened in August 2003 at the NYC International Fringe Festival with Arsat, an adapation of Joseph Conrad’s “The Lagoon.”

Through a variety of developmental readings and workshops, Fluid Motion Theater & Film is continually developing a variety of new works for both stage and screen.